Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biography of Artist Franca Valeria Oliveri

Biography of Artist Franca Valeria Oliveri

Franca Valeria Oliveri,born in Turin (Italy),graduated with a degree in biology,however her true passion is to paint forever.

To Franca, art is communication not intended for bystanders, but to herself.

The beauty of her paintings, often stared with just an idea, but with skilful of using her brush strokes, clever choice harmonious colors , transcended with light and shadows, then ending with paintings to indicate thoughts, often subconscious, if not subliminal.

Franca has a particular interest in painting female figures. Her reason is because:

Quote from Franca…
“I paint mainly female figures: "my little girls", the name is so I can shed light on state of mind that I could hardly describe. I put them in significant positions, I speak with them a little 'rascal, a little' temptress, almost always sweet.”

Franca loves art design, watercolour paintings, engraving, but lately she has been especially dedicating herself to oil paintings because oil painting allows her to give a greater intensity into the atmosphere that she wants to create in her paintings.
Franca has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and she won substantial rewards.

Quote from Franca
“Competitions in which I attended I realized protagonist winning awards and mentions, even with simple drawings, this is for me a great artistic victory that she is so proud of herself. “

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