Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Artist Enrico caccialanza Biography

Enrico Caccialanza was born in Piacenza in 1954, Photographer and painter, from the mid-seventies, had participated in numerous national and International arts exhibitions. Enrico had won numerous records and awards for his excellent artworks. He had worked with writers to incorporate illustrations to several books of poetry. And he has always been looking for new avenues of expression by using digital techniques, brushes strokes and colors to collage or combine the fine elements of photography, painting and writing to communicate with each other.
The picutre and writing that characterizes the entire production of the artist, over the years has changed landing a typographic wooden letters, manuscripts, cliches, and in some cases small sculptures. He recently published hsi first book - Quoted " When Silence is the greatest "
For those who are interested in his fine visual poetry, please visit his website : Thanks! UniversArt Gallery

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